VST instrument and midi track.

When I put an instrument into the VST Instrument, there is only a single midi track which is created. But I would want several midi tracks for playing different instruments with the plugin. If I create other midi tracks that I associate with the plugin, all the instruments will play the same score, I dont find any way to make them play each one a different score. With the audio tracks it is simple I use different outputs, but with the midi tracks, I dont know.

Don’t use an instrument track, use the instrument rack.

Page 207 of the manual.

I use Cubase 5, so it is not the same page, I meant VST instrument ( F11), instead of instrument track.

This is the Cubase 6 forum! so I naturally assume that was what you were talking about.

I thought this feature was not different in the 6.

Yeah, but the manuals page is!

Use different midi channels!

Thank you Split, I finally managed to connect different midi channels!