VST instrument And MIDI

how can i remove VST instrument in cubase 8???
and i have some issue in small project…i have add Some vst instrument…But some time in my vst insrument tune changes… :blush: :blush: :blush: :blush:

Click the name like you are going to change the instrument and select “none”.

Im using Padshop and Hallion sonic…pls help me…im fedup this…Il try my best…but there tune also up and down…

Steinberg have decided to not offer any “remove” function - for neither plugins nor instruments. I’m still struggling with this weird design decision myself.

Instead, you need to click on the plugin/instrument name (kontakt, fm8, whatever) inside the instrument rack. When you do, the list of your installed instruments will show up. Browse to the top of that list, and select the option “No VST instrument”. That’s how you unload both plugins and instruments nowadays.