VST Instrument as an Input

Nuendo 2.2.0

I am unable to find a way to assign a VST Instrument and then choose that VST Instrument as an INPUT on an audio-track. The VST Instrument is the newest version of EZDrummer. I’m able to assign the VST Instrument fine and get levels and playback from it, but when attempting to choose the VST Instrument as an INPUT on an audio-track, it does not exist.

Any help is appreciated.


not sure why you want to place it on an audio track. I have always routed a midi track to VST instruments

In order to record the VSTi audio.

Either bounce (offline), or route/send the VSTi audio channel to dummy output bus (unconnected in vst connections dialog) and choose the dummy output bus as input to an audio channel.

No second computer.
Route the VSTi not to the master but another (unconnected) output bus. You can set any output bus as input to a track.