Vst Instrument Automation Bug Importing from Another Project

Is this a bug…

When using “Import Tracks from project” or even simply dragging the Part from an open (unactive) project, the VST specific controller lane information doesn’t come with the part, and the “R” for the automation lane stays dull (the “R” for the VST is normal). Selecting show all automation doesn’t reveal any, the automation simply hasn’t come with.

Now if we do this the otherway round… drag a track from an activated project into an inactive project, then activate the inactivated project, the automation will have copied.

This kind of breaks the need for “Import Tracks from Project” as it doesn’t work fully. The automation box is selected but I’m believing this is only generic automation as the VST specific is what isn’t copying across.

If people know of other threads on this do link me up and I will comment there too.

Thank you


This works as specified. Automation Read doesn’t become enabled (for any kind of track), if you Import Tracks from Project.

That’s not what I meant. That was a side point to the problem. My issue was the automation on the track isn’t coming with the part from the inactivated project or if using “Import Tracks from Project” feature.

The automation only comes if dragging the part from an active project into the inactive project.

Do I need to open a ticket with Steinberg?


I cannot reproduce it here. The automation comes to the project when using Import Track from Project. But the Read Automation is not enabled, what is by design.

Thank you.

I will try to capture a video once I’ve finished fixing current issues. A few jobs in.