VST instrument clicks and ticks

My new system is running Cubase 6.5.4 in Windows 8.
With an i7 proc. and 8Gb Int. mem. the meter of VST Performance is hardly moving.
There is still ticking by playing Embracer VSTi at the start of the sound.

I appreciate your help-suggestions what settings I could change in Windows8 / Cubase

Thanks a lot! :wink:

Are you in Big Bear Cal?

I just upgraded my computer to a similar setup. Iโ€™m using 7 artist and 6.5 artist and no ticks going on here.

So let me ask: Are the ticks syncronized? Do they only happen when music is being played? Is it ALL THE TIME no matter whatโ€™s going on? Do some analysis and that will help narrow it down. Sometimes in audio it can even come to the electrical plugs you plug into.