VST Instrument CPU & Memory

Hi Steinberg
Please add VSTi CPU usage and memory usage display for each loaded instrument and effect plus overall total.


Add the feature-request tag, please.

#cubase #feature-request

Like Reaper already has:

This really would be lovely to have! Wouldn’t it y’all??

Would be nice to have, but rather low on my personal feature request list.
For identifying cpu bottlenecks I could think of better ways than just a simple list of plugins. Make it a graph of the mixer channels, including groups up to the master bus, with each channel showing a sum of all plugins per channel and individual measurements per plugin.

Btw, I always read that reaper calculates the cpu % percentage per plugin as an average across. Is that true? That would be completely useless of course…

And memory usage per plugin is not really possible I think, because all plugins use the same heap of the DAW. It would be doable if the plugins ran each in their own process and this have their own address space.