VST Instrument Dropdown Disappears

Using Cubase 10.5.20 on Windows 10.

Get a “Sample Science” vst3 instrument that includes an “instruments” folder for the presets, etc. Remove the ‘.instruments’ folder that comes with it so that only the vst3 file is in the vst3 subfolder.

In Cubase add that instrument as a new instrument track. There should be a popup saying “No Instruments Found”.

Cancel that.

Now try to add another instrument track and the VST list dropdown flashes away. I am using a custom list if that makes any difference, not the default list generated by Cubase.

Are you sure that this is not a user error? You shouldn’t delete a folder in the data source for a VST3 instrument.

It was a vendor error where they neglected to include the instruments folder in the delivery package. It is a Cubase error that once I tried to use the plugin and got that error that Cubase would no longer allow me to add another vsti until I restarted Cubase.