VST instrument interface not showing


I recently bought Cubase 7 and installed it on a fresh new Windows 7 x64 PC. I tried to reinstall old VST instruments that were working in Cubase Studio 4.5 on Windows XP 32 bits.

Installation and activation of the plugins is successful, but when I choose the plugin in “VST instruments” and try to access the GUI of the plugin, I have a very small empty window showing, not the plugin interface. The only thing that is displayed is the standard toolbar of all the plugin instruments, but I cannot even resize it to see the plugin interface. However the plugin works, because I can play notes and hear the “default” instrument of the plugin…

Did somebody already have that kind of problem?

Thanks and best regards,

This is a problem with the vstbridge for 32bits plugins and instruments.

I was hopping that the 7.0.2 update had something regarding this, but no… :frowning:

Thanks for your answer - I read about JBridge on some other posts - is it something to consider ?

I just have the demo version and it works pretty good, the plugins don’t crash like when you use the Cubase bridge.

Shame on steinberg for don’t his bridge…