VST Instrument Multiple Outputs Activation Default

When I activate the outputs for a VST, they route to the Master Output by default?

I know I can change it manually, but is there a way to set the default to a mix group, or other output?



By default, they are routed to your default Output. You can define the Default output in the VST Connections > Outputs. The one which has the orange speaker icon is the default one. To change it, right-click to the bus you want to use as a default and select relevant menu item.

+1 for some way to set the output to a group not just to the default output bus.

Perhaps it should use the output of the previous channel? Then when I set Output1 to a group then Output2 goes to the group as well?

I rarely send my VSTI’s to the output bus but rather I send them to a group called e.g. Keys or a group which has some buss mastering FX on. This makes things simple when I import test mixes or comparison tracks then they are routed to the main output bus with no mastering FX and so they don’t get mastering FX applied. In my case the routing to an output bus has to be changed every time.


As a workaround you can use Q-Link and set the output (or any parameter) of multiple channels at once, once the Channel is created already.

Thanks for the suggestions.

Setting the Main Output to another output doesn’t solve the problem, because I can’t route that output to the Master Output. It needs to be a group channel.

For example:
I do not route anything to the Master Output, except my final ST MIX Bus…which is a Group Channel. I route through layers of Group Channels

I created a group channel called VST Audition. When I activate 500+ VST instrument outputs, I dont want them going to the Master Output, but I still want to be able to hear them while I am auditioning instruments I want to consider using on a project. Think template with lots of VEP instances

Yup, I currently use the Q-Link method to mass change them. I was just trying to get past that and do it upon creation.

In addition, it would be nice to be able to create a track without having to choose an output. “No Bus” is on the list after creating a track, but not an option during the process of creating the track. No output is a valid option. Seems to me it would be easy to add to the list.

Good ideas there. Why not raise a Feature request or two…


It would seem like simple stuff to implement, but having been a developer in a previous life…I know it can be crazy complex, even when it looks easy.