VST instrument not exporting into mix down?

I recently downloaded the celesta VST for the Noiiz player (which I am new to using). However for whatever reason when I export the project to audio, the celesta track does not get exported and is excluded from the mix even though I hear it fine in the DAW. This doesn’t happen with other VST players (Spitfire) that I have in the track, which are routed to the same bus and stereo outputs. I am using Cubase 11 on a Mac. Any ideas why this is happening?

Update: After some careful listening, turns out even the Spitfire VSTs did not export properly. They cut out partway through the song (all at once). How very odd. I never had issues with VSTs not exporting before. And after trying a few more exports none of the VSTs get into the mix down at all.

Does Render In Place work on the Tracks?

I tried rendering initially with the first track that wasn’t showing up in the mix down. The rendered track did show up in the mix down. But somehow after doing this, the other VSTs that had partially exported were no longer exporting at all. And when I tried rendering that track a second time (after changing some settings on the VST instrument), the rendered audio track was blank.

Update - I tried realtime export and this did not work either