VST-Instrument not responding to modulation

In a YouTube-video “How to Orchestrate Classical music in a DAW- Recreating Mozart’s Lacrimosa” Dom Sigalas demonstrates recording e.g., a violin in Iconica and is heavily using modulation (via a mod wheel).

In HALion Sonic SE 3 I’m able to record modulation events with a HALion Sonic Basic SE [GM 041] Violin, but the VST-Instrument is not responding to these events.

My question: what exactly are the technical prerequisites, that the VST-Instrument is responding to such kind of events?

Versions in use:

  • Cubase LE AI Elements 10
  • HALion Sonic SE 3.4.40

The instrument in question needs to be set up to respond to cc1. A lot of them do but it depends on particular instrument. Some may use modwheel for volume, some for vibrato…

Hi and welcome to the forum,

I’m quite sure, the MIDI CC1 (Modulation) is controlling Vibrato Depth of the HALion Sonic Basic SE [GM 041] Violin sound. My expectation is, the MIDI CC1 of the Iconic will control expression (what is quite common for orchestral libraries).

Hi and thanx :wink:

Concerning control via MIDI CCs: I guessed something like that and therefore searched for some kind of ‘feature’-documentation on (commercial) VST-instruments, but only found colorful descritptions of the fantastic sounds I’ll get … but not even a complete list of the instruments in the box, not to mention more detailed technical information on the VST-instruments.

So: are there more detailed resources available at least for commercial products like Iconica (besides YouTube-videos) or am I buying a black box more or less and left with checking out what might be possible or not?


You can download Iconica manual here.