VST Instrument not showing as active

I’ve recently reinstalled Cubase 6 along with the Native Instruments Komplete suite of VST Instruments (all 64 bit). However, when I go to select VST Instrument for certain tracks, one such instrument does not show up (Battery 3). When I go to Devices > Plug In Information, it shows up in the list, but “Active” is not ticked, and I can’t tick it.

However, when I open a previous Cubase 6 Project where Battery 3 was already selected as the instrument, I can open it and use it fine (although it still doesn’t show up in the drop down VST Instruments list for that track).

Any ideas on how to fix this so I can select this VST Instrument for use on tracks? This is installed along with every other instrument, the VST 64 bit plugins are all located in the same folder and the VST Instrument (Battery 3) works fine on its own and when used on track where it was previously selected.


Make sure Cubase is only seeing ONE of each instrument’s .dll file. Since you are using 64 bit, that means DO NOT include the path to the 32 bit .dll files in the VST path in Cubase. Also, make sure, from the previous install that you don’t have any other .dll files floating around where Cubase can see them.