VST instrument not working

I downloaded the SR onesoundz but every time i try an select an instrument from it, all i get is halion can not find instrument - even though it knows it is there. i then downloaded virtual guitarist electric edition and that is no where to be found by halion. is it a case that i have put these folders in wrong places (VST presets) ?

VGEE is not a HALion sound set, but a standalone & VSTi plugin so should appear in the VST Instruments panel (the DLL files, if installed correctly, should be in the usual VST plugins location, both for the instrument and the effects pedalboard.
Where did you download this?

I downloaded SR onesoundz from the stienberg website. halion recognises that it is there but when i select one of the voices it cannot find. the only voices i can select are the ones that come with halion.

Please have a look at this knowledge base article: