VST Instrument panel - no go

I am using grace period Cubase 5 v5.5.2 - The VSTInstrument panel does not open from the devices window, anyone have an idea of what can be done to correct this problem - When I open Cubase 4.5 all is well

  • an other issue when I open BFD2 standalone in CB-5 an alert message appears, stating - audio error # 2 couldn’t open the audio stream. Perhaps another application is using the sound card ?
    What could be the cause of this problem ? - Would these issues be related ?

Could the VST instrument panel be outside your screen? This can happen when you change screen resolution. Try a different res (the highest your screen will allow.) and see if you can locate the window then.

Thanks for replying Strophoid
I will try your suggestion, all the other panels come up OK though, just the VST instruments doesn’t respond. As I mentioned earlier the Vst works fine with CB4.
I’m not sure if I lost something in my cleaning up of file trying to correct my problem with BFD, Its possible I deleted or move an audio file or something to the wrong place. I wish a folder tree or folder display chart was available, I could then check out all my folders line by line to verify that portion, would such a diaghram exist ? Would the engineers at Steinberg have such a guide ?
I’ve included a screen shot of the alert popup when I startup BFD2, any takers ?
I looked again in the sounds and periphery options in the configuration panel of my computer but I have nothing to compare to see if all is as it should be.

Thanks again
ScreenHunter_02 Feb. 27 16.07.gif

OK I got word back from BFD that the reason for the error message popup is that the BFD and the sound card must have the exact same sample rate frequency, This makes me feel better, Why! I don’t know. I verified the sound card, I am using the MR816csx and the frequency sample rate was 44.1Khz, leaving me to think that something is asquew with the BFD, they’ll have to instruct me how to verify that, if such a thing is possible - so for now thats beginning to move closer to the resolution bin.
The why ? the VSTpanel doesn’t respond when clicked from the devices window is another matter.
Would anyone have any Ideas ?

Make sure it isn’t under the project window or that you have to scroll right to see it.

That error could mean your soundcard isn’t multi-client. Why aren’t you opening BFD as a VSTi inside Cubase?

Thanks for your reply Mashedmitten
I checked out the screen scrolling to the right - nothing found. Nothing behind the file screen or the main screen either. I went back and tried again the devices window and I found that not only does the VST instrument panel not appear but the mixer does not appear as well - that said, both mixer 2 and mixer 3 appear - both with the same info the mixer alone would have, which is normal. I remember some days ago upon opening a recent project in cubase the mixer would not appear. I will have to go back tonight after work to check that out.
BTW. I haven’t used BFD yet I was opening the software for the first time and encountered that problem. It is having me think now the problems I am having may stem from downloading updates - both Cubase and BFD. ouch!

Try a new blank project. If no go then trash Prefs. Like I said, the BFD issue means the soundcard driver isn’t multi-client so only one app can use it at a time. Load BFD on an Instrument track until you get the F11 thing sorted.

I downloaded the recent firmware and drivers and the such for my soundcard, I’m using the MR816csx, I figured if the problem was audio between BFD and the sound card, I should look there first - I generated some success as the error message on startup of BFD ceased. good news, now there is only an error message when shutting down BFD.
I opened a new project as you suggested Mashedmitten- no go, this includes the mixer, so tomorrow I will uninstall the CB5 and reinstall version by version to see where, if anything, goes different. I think I will contact Steinberg to see if there is such a thing as a folder index established for CB5
enough for today I’m going to bed, thanks again for your input Mashedmitten