vst instrument patterns not loading (all files missing)


i upgraded from artist 8 to 8.5 less than 24 hours ago and somethings wrong in vst.
for instance in groove agent se4 when i load up a drum pattern (i.e. Brush Kit) it tells me the files are missing.
it reads at the top of the pop up window; missing sound archive (double click to register).
i double click and it takes me to folders that have no necessary drum function.
basically, none of the patterns are to be found.
it reads at the bottom of the same pop up window; 31 missing files (this is with regards to Brush Kit).
this happens not only with the Brush Kit but with all vst instruments in the vst folders.
it then goes on to say files are missing and asks; please check installation
the entirety of the files pertaining to the vst are missing and i cant find a solution.

none of the youtube tutorials mention this possibility and I can’t find anything in the instruction manual.

i went back to trying artist 8 and the same problem has started happening there.

can anyone instruct me on what to do?



Do you still have your Cubase Artist 8 installed? Is it the same issue in this version?

If it’s not installed, try to reinstal Cubase 8.5 and mainly make sure the content is installed.