VST Instrument problem - double midi note at cycle beginning


this is a bit of a longshot since it relates to a rather obscure and relatively old VST plugin called molar. It’s a step-sequencer for the monome device. All works well in Cubase 7.0.3 except that whe the playhead in Cubase reaches the end of the loop cycle there is a double ‘flanged’ note when the playhead jumps back to the start. I can see this when i insert a MIDI Monitor into the channel that when the loop starts again it plays the notes that are supposed to be playing but at the same time i get a note with velocity 0 … hence the flange/double note effect, which is especially noticeable on a 4 to the floor kick drum. The midi notes are short so there is no overlap of an open note at the end of the cycle.

i was wondering if there is anything i could tweak in C7 to remedy this issue or if this is maybe a bug other people are experiencing. There is no setting in the plugin preferences that changes anything. I have only noticed this with molar which runs fine in Live. plugin info show VST 2.4 SDK for this plugin. The developer has long seized development that’s why i’m asking here. trying to get this work in cubase so i can finally ditch Live :smiling_imp:

tried turning off chase events with no improvement … my next idea is to route the midi through a MIDI Transformer but haen’t figured out how yet … is there a real-time ‘double notes’ filter in C7 somewhere ?

thx for any ideas … :confused:


I had this happen if you don’t put in what midi device you are trigging from the midi notes double up. It is on the left hand side panel you will see it say midi input all. That needs to change to your midi input device this solved the double mdi note for me