Vst Instrument problems ob Cubase 6

Since I upgraded to 6 I can’t seem to play any virtual Instruments without the modulation wheel suddenly going up and messing up the sound. I tried all the Instruments on my Arturia suite and Hypersonic and the same thing happens. The 1st 30 sec of playing is fine but after that the modulation wheel (next to the pitch wheel) just seems to trigger itself?? Everything works ok in 5 tho, I’m baffled???


Sorry you’re having difficulties. I’m out of the studio at the moment so I can’t test any of the following ideas, but here are a few things to try.

Here’s my theory for troubleshooting: The Mod Wheel is commanded by / controlled by MIDI data right? so it stands to reason that you have whacky MIDI data getting in the way somehow.

To that end:

  1. It might be that you have stray data entering your MIDI data stream from a controller. You might check the MIDI settings under the “devices” menu. Its possible that some other device (like a CC121 controller? or another device) is being included in “all midi inputs” and is adding data that shouldn’t be there?

  2. You said this seems to happen after (or at) 30 seconds. You might try hitting record and just watching your MIDI activity monitor (withouth playing or touching anything) and see if it twiches (blinks) at or about 30 seconds, If it does, all you have to do is find the incoming MIDI message and filter it.

  3. Try settting your device (which ever one is getting the Mod Wheel data) to a discrete MIDI channel (by that I mean a specific channel, like channel 5 as opposed to “all MIDI inputs”).

  4. Finally… if all else fails, record some data with the weird behiavior, then open the Key Editor and select “display ALL used controllers”. That should show you what it is that’s triggering your Mod wheel.

I suppose there’s also a possibility that your synth is mis-reading something. I guess if you connect another device and it ALSO suffers from the same issue then you know its coming from inbound MIDI data. However, if the problem goes away, then it might be an issue w/ the synth.

I know this is a long reply, sure hope it helps.

Let me know where you come out!