VST Instrument Quick Control Assignments

Hi Everyone.

Please forgive if this has been asked before, but is there any way to…

…Change the order of the parameters displayed on the quick controls in the VST Instruments rack? It would be nice to be able to group the parameters I’m interested in together on one page.

…Assign new or different parameters to the control knobs that are shown. Kontakt just displays a bunch of numbers (e.g., #000, #001, etc.). I’d like to assign those knobs to parameters.

I realize that the QC drop down panel in the Inspector on the far left can do these things. But it would be nice to be able make use of the additional controls since they are there…

Thanks in advance.

Depending upon the VST Instrument in question, the eight knobs currently displayed are for the current “page” of parameters (some VSTis have only one page of eight anyways). So, already, you can select the page number to display. But further customization is indeed possible :wink:
Right-click in the Instrument Rack (for the desired instrument), and select “Remote Control Editor” (you might have to click around a bit, to get that pop-up :wink: ).
You can now CTRL+drag (or CMD+drag on Mac) one of the “squares” to a different position, and it will swap with the source position. So, a bit like that game of “Solitiare” with marbles :wink:, you can move you eight favorite parameters to page #1 :slight_smile:.
See page #634 of the pdf manual, for more info on what you can do with the Remote Control Editor :slight_smile:.