VST Instrument Rack not showing when selected

Just upgraded to C6
Windows7 - 64bit

When I go to: Devices - VST Instuments, the instrument rack window does not pop up…

Under the “Window” selection on the main menu, vst instruments shows up with a check mark next to it, but the actual window is no where to be seen…

Any ideas why?


Aloha da40flyer,

So this must mean that you can not get to that lil VST ‘outputs’ icon in the rack?

First cross your fingers & check behind your taskbar…either set it to auto-hide or drag it’s top edge downwards.

Otherwise it may have somehow ended up completely off your screen & this can be a real pain…other info that might be useful:

Are you or have you been operating a dual screen?
Have you changed your resolution recently?

That was it! Thanks Grim…

Yes, I am using dual screens. So, I went back to a single and was able to find it. It must have been completely off of the screen somewhere.