VST instrument rack numbering mess

As you can see from this picture, after constructing a fairly complex song where I’ve added, removed and replaced various VST instruments, the numbering system is now completely out.

The image shows that Padshop is selected as instrument 14 on the left side of the arrange window but the rack clearly shows Padshop being Instrument 10, with an instance of Zebra 2 as instrument 14. The arrange window also thinks I still have an instance of Zebra as instrument 1 in the rack when I no longer do and various other things which basically means the whole numbering system is messed up.

This gets pretty tricky when I’ve got 2 instances of Padhsop and 4 Zebras in a rack as I have to make extra sure I’m editing or removing the right instrument or disasters could happen. This is really unproductive.

Come on Steinberg – this is not professional, it would be embarassing if a client saw this. And no wonder Cubase has been behaving strangely and crashing a bit lately – it’s ‘getting its knickers in a twist’ as my nan would have said.

Please give us back the old rack where things wouldnt get renumbered if an instrument was removed. The new way isn’t working for me, or for Cubase.

ps: any suggestions to delete preferences or reboot the computer will result in you being banned from this forum. :wink:
out of sync.jpg

Or you could edit their names in the rack. Also, reboot your computer and delete your preferences, and all other files on your hard drive. :wink:

I’ve noticed the same problem. Just thought that I would get used to the new instrument rack - but as soon as the project expands it just confuses me.

I believe the intention of the design is that the user will edit the name of the rack instrument. This seems better to me, since I can name the instrument how I want and not remember numbers.

(I also think this is in its early stages and we will see changes)

Thanks for the reply.

I’m happy to explore new ways of working, such as naming the rack instruments – it’s a good idea (and I didn’t realise was possible, so cheers) – but there’s no denying that Cubase should NOT be thinking Zebra is on instrument 1 when it’s been removed and that Padshop is on 10 instead of 14 etc etc.

I know nothing about the inner workings of Cubase but it feels like this problem could be a recipe for more issues as the song grows and Cubase becomes more and more confused.

I’ve felt for a long time that the more complex a song I make the the more weird things get, as I’ve posted in the past.

Agreed. For a start, why is there no button at the top of the rack for ‘Add new rack instrument’? Instead you have to scroll up the rack each time and find the button in between the rack and instrument tracks!

This does indeed feel like a work in progress. I only hope Steinberg will take note of our feedback.