vst instrument set for guitars,drums for halionsonic(se)

nice idea,s for steinberg vst instrument set for guitars,drums for halion sonic(se) ,halion 4

for guitars players : you can select different guitars from acrostic to electric to bass guitars
evan the finger sliding is reproduce and controlled with note expression

-realistic reproduction : normally when a chord is played on a piano a combination of keys is played hitting these combination of keys at the same time when you play guitar with a piano it sounds stiff and unnatural (also playing chords) with this realistic reproduction technique this is solved.
-you can choose if are playing chords or guitar picking (using a plectrum) or a combo of those two techniques
this can be controlled with note expression
-you can choose different strum styles : presets of different strum styles ,bud you can also make you own strum styles
-a app for the iPad to controlthe guitar srumming ,or string picking (plextrum) virtual guitar on screen

for drum players : you can select different drums and percusion

-live drums ,perc kits. or electronic ,perc kits
-vintage or modern drums kits
-drum rol presets
-using drums in combination with a electric drum set ,midi controller or app for iPad virtual drum on screen