VST Instrument Sets Location

I don’t like where Cubase installs the Instruments Sets.
I like to choose where to place them. I should be the one who decides how to manage the content of my hard drives.

There should be an option to choose the path of the Instruments data base. And media bay doesn’t “see” them on the path I choose since there is no option to choose in the installer <- major flaw

AppData/roaming is for rookies

You can move it “roockie” ! :wink:

I did move it.

Media Bay doesn’t find them.

So I spend the last 45 minutes ruining yet another inspired start of an evening browsing the forum for solutions to missing/moved content. Al the answers and subjects are getting cluttered more and more with questions like mine here.
Content location really is a flaw with Cubase.

I’ll not get into what I just went through the past two hours, but,

I whish they would for godsakes just write a -if need be perhaps standalone- tool to rescan / repoint / administer all the migrating presets / moving databases / relocate content .
This is certainly not the first time I run into this stuff.

What about building a new computer, and trying to migrate sounds that you rated in the media bay, or your own presets. There’s just not a clear pointed out easy to find way to do this.
This makes the otherwise great database tool much less durable, if one cannot have the confidence of building a library that will last over a couple of generations of computers or even Cubase versions.

I just re-downloaded the hsse2 content and re-installed. That worked, after manually pointing C7.5 to the 29 files one item each when asked to do so. a simple ‘auto scan’ in recent folder would have been nice.
Geeezz. Steinberg and content management.
I like to look at the positive side of things but can’t help but be disappointed tonight.