VST Instrument Sidechain - When?

This feature has been requested for years now, I remember Chris confirming this feature request but mentioning that it will not make it into Cubase 5. Meanwhile, 2 years later, still no Instrument Sidechain?

Is it possible to have any kind of statement regarding this issue?


It’s not clear to me what a VST Instrument Sidechain would do/ be.

Sidechaining is used primarily for compression and gating … although someone could creatively probably find other uses, such as delay, for an example.

If you want to use the VSTi output to trigger … then just select its output in the mixer and use a send to the track where your sidechainable plugin is placed.

If you want to use another sound source to sidechain trigger to the output of the VSTi, then place the plugin in the effects chain on the VSTi output channel in the mixer and now go to the other audio source and send back to that plugin from the other source’s sends.

Probably I’m missing something … but it’s not clear to me what having a sidechain option in the VSTi could do beyond this anyway.



OK … I think I got it. This is about routing audio to audio in order to use external sidechains in, in this case, the VSTi plugin connecting to a hardware synth.

I thought the discussion was about creating software VSTi with VST3 sidechain, i.e., prologue, etc.

I assumed that with VST3 Steiny has decided on this route for sidechaining, as opposed to improving the underlying architecture like what Ableton or Reaper have.

There is still the old ‘quadro’ work around. I know it’s a PITA … but it works. Have you tried that with your virus?