VST Instruments (Absolute 5/Iconica) Update to Steinberg Licences Manager?

Is there any possibility that Absolut and Iconic are moved to the New License Model without USB Dongle?

Or any information about a Timeframe for newer Versions that will have moved to the new License Model?


All of the Halion and Groove Agent expansions currently being sold are going to be moved to the new licensing system eventually.

Absolute 6 will use the Steinberg Activation Manager exclusively. I believe updates for Halion 6 and Halion Sonic 3 are not currently planned, but the next generation of Halion instruments is being built with SAM in mind.

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Great, as I just procured Cubase 12 Pro upgrade, and used vouchure for WaveLab 11.1 to get to the new license system. I have problems loading Cubase 11 projects in Cubase 12 if the project uses Absolute e-licensed vst instruments, Iconica and more. Still I have the e-licenser dongle attached. So as of now have to use Cubade 11 Pro still for older projects. So Steinberg, a solution here would be great and much appreciated.