VST Instruments and Plugins

Can someone point me in the right direction? I was under the impression I would see some new VST instruments along with this update. My computer didn’t recognize any new vst’s upon launching N11.

what instruments were you expecting and what have you upgraded from ?

There were some FX plugins and some SFX samples but no VSTi.

I was hoping to see Retrologue 2 and padshop 2. Perhaps, I was misread something.

yes - both those should be included (they were in earlier versions too)

If you open the Steinberg Download Assistant you should see them as “additional content” in the Nuendo section

download and install (obviously) :+1:

Thanks for the reassurance. I thought I duped myself.

Found the issue: User Error. LOL

I just realized the plugins are there, but on the dropdown list they don’t display as Retrologue 2 or Padshop 2. They simply show up without the 2. Once selected, it does pull up the new version.

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