VST instruments are being downtuned automatically

Since a few days ago, I have this strange problem, all of a sudden, random VST instruments ( I use mostly East West packages, Orcherstra Gold, Goliath, etc …) are beign downtuned by a few notes. Mostly they new tuning is in between actual notes, so it’s sounds really bad.

I have no clue what is happening, do any of you have an idea how to solve this?

Many thanks!

do you have a midi transpose effect on the channel?

  1. is your midi-in (into the VST) signal downtuned?

  2. or is the audio-out (of the vst) downtuned?

are other VST also downtuned? is recording just midi also downtuned? (then look into your midi controller - maybe you changed settings by accident)

Does this happen when the notes slightly overlap or when there are breaks between notes? I’ve once had a problem with legato notes not overlapping.

Have you went beyond your voice allocations?

-Definitely check for runaway midi CCs, as suggested first.

I used to have this problem with PLAY and 4Front, but updating to the latest software (OS, CB and pluggs) solved it.