VST Instruments Bank not loading


Never had this problem in C5 but after upgrading to C7 some VSTs does not load the bank previously used in the session/project when opening the project.

Kontakt 5/Omnisphere works fine (dont even have the little window) but The Grand 3 just opens up empty. Allthough I do enjoy not having to wait 4 minutes just to load a piano in the Grand before my session displays on my window, I do need to manually load the bank each time i close/reopen my project.

The small VST window appears, click it so it opens full, then have to load the piano.
This means that for every little adjustment I make to that piano (like Damper Pedal, EQ, Verb, etc) has to be configured again after each load-in. Which I now have begun saving each as a preset.

I get the same small window on Slate Digital FX-G but the plug-in keeps it´s settings.

Any fix for this?

Mac Pro 3.1 (2008) - 2x2.8 Quad-Core Intel Xeon on - OS X 10.8.2 - 28GB Ram - 2 x 1TB HDDs
Cubase 64Bit 7.0.2 - The Grand 3 (


I do not own Grand but I experienced the same with other plugs. An upgrade of the plug was the answer. However not all plugs have drivers that will make them usable under CB7. Some of them are Steinbergs own. The old Halion and the even Older USM behaves like what you describe. Some 3. party plugs too. I have the same problem with Logic Pro 9, but not necessarily with the same plugs.

I have however found that some of the plugs not working under CB7 work perfectly under Reaper 64 bit. So I rewire Reaper into CB7 to use Plugs I would really like to keep. Reaper only cost 60USD. You could also try jBridge to see if that helps.

Hope this helped.

Thanks Rumdrum.
That´s what I figured also.

Is there any way to remove the “preview plug-in” little window, so that it opens full like every other plug?