VST instruments disappearing and no sound > 10 instruments

Dorico drives me crazy (sorry!):

I’m using Garritan Aria Player. I setup a new score with 22 instruments (medium concert band).
I’m inserting two instances from Ariaplayer in the VST section (play screen).
I change the first instrument Picollo from Halion to 01 Aria Player VST channel 1
I change the second instrument Flute from Halion to 01 Aria Player VST channel 2
… and so on… until 10 is coming
I change the tenth instrument Flute from Halion to 01 Aria Player VST channel 10. Channel 10 won’t be saved, it’s empty (GUI bug?)
I change instrument 11 to 16 also.
I change instrument “17” to an new instance 02 Aria Player VST channel 1
I change instrument “18” to an new instance 02 Aria Player VST channel 2
… and so on … until 22

Inputting notes on instrument 1 to 9: no problem. Sounds good.
Inputting notes on instrument 10 to 16: problem, no sound from Dorico. Testing the Aria Player with the keyboard in the Aria Player will sound, thus this is no problem inside Aria Player.
Inputting notes on instrument 17 to 22: problem, no sound from Dorico. This is the second instance from Aria player channel 1 to 6.

Saving the file, close and load again gives me empty instrument boxes on the left side from instrument 10 to 16 and 1 to 6 from Aria Player instance 2.

Note: the GUI error channel 10, 11, 12 etc is also on default templates from Dorico with Halion, only difference is that they sounds.

When you choose a channel beyond channel 10 in the track headers in Play mode, Dorico does choose the appropriate channel: it’s just a UI bug, though I know it’s an annoying one. However, if you count carefully when you pass channel 9, you are in fact setting channels 10 and above, it’s just that only the first digit will appear in the control there. We’ve already fixed this so it will not trouble you from the next update.

Make sure you have actually chosen the appropriate instance of the ARIA Player for the instruments mapped to channel 10 and beyond; in your screenshot there is no VST instrument chosen.

Hi Daniel, Dorico will remove the second instance! Before saving the file it will display the correct name but no sound. After reloading the file the second instance won’t be load.

I have try it again: adding the second of third instance to the bariton saxophone, save, close the file, open the file: the second or third instance won’t be load.

But when I add it manually there is no sound from the second or third instance, or from channel >9 and higher from the first instance.

I think there is a really bug here.

See my previous answer, here are the screenshots:

The first is when I’m editing. You see Trombone 1 is the second instance of Aria . There is no sound on 02 Aria Player VST 10,11,12 …16 and 03 Aria Player VST 1,2,3 etc

The second is after saving, closing and reloading the file.Everything after 02 Aria VST 9 (Tenor Sax) won’t be load.

Tried hard, but couldn’t reproduce it… may be a mac only issue?

BTW, have you done Load Sounds for Unassigned Instruments in the Play menu? This will load another instance of Halion, but you can then reset it manually to Aria and it should stick…

I have again setup an new score with the same instruments. For now it looks like it works:

  • all instruments are loading in the correct slots
  • all staves are sounding with the correct midi channels and instances / slots.

There are some different things I have done in the setup to look which problem can occurs:

  • start with an ‘empty handed play’ stave
  • setup the score with only inserting new players / instruments (add solo player). In the first setup I have duplicated the clarinet, trumpet, horns and trombone parts. Maybe thats an issue to figure out.
  • in the play mode I have added 1 instance Aria Player and add the first 16 instruments (and save). After that I have add the second instance Aria Player and add next 6 instruments (both without removing the first and second instance of Halion). Now I have 4 VST’s loaded.
  • save, close and load the file : everything ok.
  • remove the first and second instance of Halion, save, close and load the file : everything ok

The problems with first setup (not working) were not the first time. I have noticed that earlier in the beginning.

Two things to investigate:

  • can duplicating an player instead of adding an new one cause this problem?
  • can removing or changing the default Halion VST before adding an new one occur this problem?

my conclusion is that for every instrument you add, it must somehow first be assigned to Halion (either at startup, or later by doing “Load Sounds for unassigned instruments”) THEN you can change it to whatever VST you need and remove the Halion instances.