VST Instruments don't know which beat it is

I’m having real problems with various plugins in Cubase (9.5.3 64bit, Win7 64) that have onboard sequencers. The problem is that, although the plugins are in tempo-sync with Cubase they are not in position-sync. For example, various plugins (Aalto and PolyKBII to name two) have onboard sequencers and I’ve set them up to do something on beat 1 of every bar, but when I stop and start Cubase, the plugin doesn’t seem to know which beat in the bar Cubase is on, so beat 1 in the plugin is not happening at the right place. What seems to be happening is that when I stop and restart Cubase, some of those plugins think it’s beat 1, when infact it isn’t (necessarily) and other plugins pickup from whatever beat they last played, which is also probably wrong because I might have moved the play position.

Some plugins (Kontakt and Glitch for example) work fine. So I don’t know if it’s multiple plugins having a problem or Cubase !

But somehow a number of my plugins are either not receiving or ignoring the current play position …


I dont have the plugins you are mentioning here. I havent notice issues with the few plugins I use with internal sequencer.

Just thinking out loud.
Do the plugins you use have options of control like circular, linear?
Might just be that you are isolating the onboard sequncer in the plugins by using the wrong onboard controller mode on the plugin?

Ive got the same problem with Kontakt banks who have their own sequencer like Sample Magic Klip. Can’t get it synced with the projects BPM…

I am having the same problem with Sample Magic Klip…Did you find out why and how?
Is there a fix?
Have a good one!