VST Instruments floating panel names

Hi everyone! Perhaps this has been mentioned before but I thought I’d put it out there and see if this has been noticed or commented on yet.

Ever since Cubase 9 (after Cubase 8.5) the floating VST panel has not shown the preset names for each instrument below the actual instrument. An example might be “Kontakt 5 16out” in the main window BUT directly below that it used to show “Strings” if that was what you’d named the preset.

As far as I can tell, this no longer applies to 9 and now 9.5. This feature is extremely useful when working with a large amount of rack instruments with multitimbral instruments. For instance, when I have 8 VEP instancesand 7 Kontakt instruments and I’m creating a new MIDI track to plug into one of them, it’s helpful to be able to eyeball the instrument rack and quickly see ‘ah, #7 is Kontakt/Brass’ and route the MIDI channel accordingly. Without this, you just have to open up each instrument until you find the one you’re looking for.

I realize it’s a small thing but I definitely noticed how much time it saved me before now that it’s gone.

Has anyone found a way to make Cubase 9 and 9.5 do this again?

Thanks everyone!