VST Instruments in Mixer?

I saw an older similar thread on this but didn’t see a resolution so I figured I’d just start a new one for Dorico 2.2. I can’t seem to get my VST Instruments to appear in the mixer. Only the first one shows even though I have “Number of audio outputs to show in Mixer” set to 16. Any idea what I’ve configured wrong here?

With VST selected, I only get one instrument showing in the Mixer

even though the Endpoint Setup specifies 16 should show in the Mixer.

All the VST Instruments are loaded

and are assigned correctly so playback is not an issue.

I just can’t seem to figure out why they don’t appear in the Mixer. Any advice as to why only the first instrument appears and not the rest?

(I’m also not sure why the first assigned instrument is listed as 0. Maybe that’s a clue. It plays back fine though so I don’t really care what Dorico calls it in the Endpoint Setup box.)

D’oh! User error - I needed to have Aria Player Multi VST selected. I guess I’ll just leave the thread up in case anyone else searches for it in the future, but problem solved.