VST instruments in Pro 4 Trial

I have installed the Pro 4 Trial, but I see nowhere the HALion Symphonic Orhestra or the Soundiron Olympus Choir. Where/how are they to be found? Or are they not included? Here’s what was offered and downloaded:

It’s installed. It’s part of the 10GB thing.
Add singers in your Dorico score (Setup mode), apply HSSE+HSO playback template (Play mode), those singers should be played by Olympus Micro through HalionSE.

I opened a choir template and added a singer - it shows as Aah to Ooh Choir and ssems to be a GM sound. Where/how to load the HSSE+HSO playback template you refer to?

found it … now it says Sustain Aah (GM 053 Choir Aahs) - how do you tell where the sound comes from? Is this indeed the Olympus VST? doesn’t seem like it

Is it possible that you are still running Dorico using your Dorico SE licence? The same application is used for all the different versions of Dorico - it works out whether to run as Pro/Elements/SE depending on the licence that is available. Can you launch the Steinberg Activation Manager, and if Dorico SE is listed as activated can you try deactivating it and activating the Dorico Pro trial.

I don’t think so (as a matter of fact, I un-installed Dorico SE)

On the “Play” page of Preferences in Dorico, what is your default playback template? You probably want it set to “HSSE+HSO (Pro)”.

It was HSSE SE, changed it to HSSE + HSO (Pro) - now what? (sorry for appearing thick …)

Now that means that any new scores you generate will use the Pro sounds rather than the SE sounds by default - these include the HSO patches and Olympus Choir. If you want to change the sounds used by an existing score then you can open it, go to Play mode, choose Play > Playback Template, select “HSSE+HSO” and click on “Apply and Close”, then Save.

OK, thanks