VST Instruments Issues with new Remote Contro Editor

HI due to the new Remote Control Editor (RCE) kind of wrapping your VSTi 's in its own RCE box I now CANNOT control some parameters in say UHE Zebra, for instance if i want to create my own patches it wont even let me create and OSC or a VCF as the mouse does not seem to work at all in this area.

Previous to the new RCE when you created a VSTi you instantly had hold of every parameter for creating synths or to be able to right click and midi learn, Now you cannot do any of this and it makes the VSTi useless now that is it incased in the new RCE so now all i can do is use pre made patches. This has to be an issue with the new RCE interface and im sure that this is the same for many 3rd party VST’s this is such a major step backwards.

If anyone has any ideas or workarounds I would greatly appreciate it. My creativity is now at a complete stand still as i cannot use the VSTi’s that i like.

so far I hate the new RCE as all it has done is created more problems and far less control. Whats going on!!! :imp: :imp: :imp: :imp: :imp:

Just discoverd that this is only a problem in 64bit Cubase, as when I use the 32bit version i can right click and midi learn, and also everything works as it should in the plugin :slight_smile: