VST Instruments not receiving midi

Hi folks. Forum newbie here…

I’m having the strangest problem and I’m hoping I can get a possible solution.

Out of seemingly nowhere, this has occurred, my VSTs produce no sound when playing them from my controller. Cubase will record the events and there’s clear indication of midi activity but not on the VST, yet it will sound when I play back any events recorded. The VST will also sound from its virtual keyboard but not from an external source… Obviously, I engage the monitor so I can audition what I’m playing.
All my drivers are up to date and I’m using the latest build of Cubase Elements. This is driving me nuts… I’ve used Cubase since the Atari days and can usually figure out what’s going on but this has me baffled!
I’ve raised a ticket with Tech Support but was wondering if anyone on here has encountered this issue?

I’m on PC running Windows 10
Keystep/Beatstep Pro as controllers

Not had a single issue before. I’ve tried reinstalling the drivers and the latest Elements update, as well as switching to different Devices.
Audio devices used are iConnect Audio 2, Line 6 Helix Floor, Elektron Digitakt and Behringer UMC 1820. All of which record/playback flawlessly.

If I had any hair left to tear out, it would be gone :wink: Any help would be most appreciated.

Have you checked the config in Audio Connections?

Yes, everything is as it should be. As I said the VSTs will sound from their built in virtual keyboard but they’re not being triggered via an external controller. It’s very odd!

Anything in MIDI Connections in Studio Setup amiss?

Does midi from the Keystep/Beatstep Pro as controllers appear in the activity meters on the transport?

Also, I would start in Cubase Safe Mode and disable prefs, just to eliminate corrupt prefs from the picture.

So you have a vst instrument track and the input is set to all inputs. You can see that the midi is being recorded onto the track and the midi will then play back the track but you can’t hear it while you are trying to record? Is that correct? It does sound like you have hit some button that stops it. Have you tried opening in safe mode and then trying this? Is it any instrument you open? What if you open an old project you know was good before, does the problem still exist there?

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Thanks for the replies folks. Everything is as it should be and yes, I’ve tried opening older ‘good’ projects and it’s still the same. How do I open Cubase in Safe Mode?

To open the Safe Mode dialog, launch Cubase , and hold down Ctrl/Cmd-Shift-Alt.
You can also disable preferences from here which may help

Thanks, I’ll try this after work today :+1:

MIDI-Thru active?

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GRZ, it’s the simplest of things eh… That’s exactly what it was but how I managed to turn midi thru off is a mystery to me? Thanks, you’ve saved my sanity and thanks to all for your input. Crazy thing is, I looked at the midi settings when trying to find the problem and clearly missed the midi thru being off.

I almost feel a tad embarrassed for being such a noob, especially since I’ve been using Cubase since it was released on the Atari 30 years ago :rofl:

Cheers again folks :+1:

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