VST Instruments not recording

I am unable to record anything in either a Midi or Instrument track using virtual keyboards. When I hit Record, I see the track being generated but it has no content. When I stop recording the entire track disappears. I checked all connections and they seem OK but something must be missing. Anyone can help? Why are these things made so difficult?

A bit more detail, please.
Are you playing a MIDI controller/keyboard?
Can you hear the synth when you play the keyboard?
What are you using as audio/MIDI interface?

No, no MIDI controller attached (I am on the road). MacBookPro OX 10.9.5. Cubase 7.5. Yes, I can hear the synth when I play the virtual keyboard. Built in audio interface/soundcard; nothing external connected at the moment.

So, when you record, you’re trying to play the virtual keyboard–the one that you play on the MacBook keyboard, or in the Key Editor?

The virtual keyboards on vst instruments do not record, they are only for auditionng sounds.

You either need to instantiate the actual virtual keyboard (works with your computer keyboard), use a controller or draw notes into an editor…

Yeah, this is where I was headed. You need an actual MIDI input.

Hmm, that is interesting i am on W7. Cubase 7 Elemenst demo and i can record from Notebook keboard, throught virtual keyboard. For VSTi instrument or empty midi. Try sett up all midi inputs for instrument you want record.

Yeah, Obloha, if you’re using the notebook keyboard, Cubase treats it as if it’s getting MIDI notes from an actual input. I think the OP is using the keyboard on the VSTi.

aha, ok, then i dont know.

Yep; that did it. Now it’s working using my computer keyboard. Would be great if the virtual keyboard could be used directly for recording. Thanks all for the help. It is much appreciated.

No worries, rmweiss.

Not sure why you’d want the VSTi’s keyboard to record. You can only click one note at a time. Would be tedious work. Faster to open Key Editor and just draw in notes.

Thanks for researching this. I also tried and could not get it to work.

Again, why would anyone want this functionality? You could only click one note, at one velocity. If you’re gonna tap out single notes, why not just draw them in Key Editor?

I certainly could and do. I do work a lot with notation and for quickly sketching notes, the virtual keyboard input might be faster than drawing notes in the key editor, I think…Also, it seems more intuitive to me.

Cool. To each their own.

Same here. Curious as to why this is not possible. I would find it useful when on a laptop and just experimenting with sounds.

Im having a similar problem though not quite . Im using and external midi hardware keyboard controller (Nektar Panorama P6) to play vsti ,ect and when i hit record I am intermittingly stops allowing me to play the keys to trigger either the vsti or a midi channel routed to control the vsti . Also unable to record vsti into a seperate audio track . when i hit record and lose external midi keyboard controler function i grab the mouse and see if the same happens with the vsti virtual keyboard on the gui and sure enough it wont let me trigger anything . hit stop on the transport and i am allowed to play and sounds are being triggered fine . also of some note to mention as i lose external ability to trigger a synth i can see in the transport midi is being received by cubase …
Anyone ? i used cubase for years about 15 years ago and had no problems …spending more time fiddling with software that doesnt work and hardware thats supposedly has "Deep Integration " than making music …It was easier when i had racks of hardware and cables running around every corner lol Also not sure if i should have created a new post so i just used this thread … I am running cubase pro 11