VST Instruments not showing up in Dorico

My Steinberg Library Manager is full of stuff.

And I checked the file locations and everything is there.

However, when I go to “Play” and look at the VST instruments panel, all I have is HALion Sonic SE and Dorico Beep.

In videos, I see that there are a choice of libraries in the VST instruments panel besides just the HALion Sonic SE.

Because it seems like these might be pertinent, here are links to my last 2 posts.

I’m using an new M1 MacBook Air and Dorico 3.5.12

Thanks so much, and as always, I tried to comb the forums and watch some videos before I posted.

That what your screenshot shows are the installed sound libraries. HSSE on the other hand is a player plug-in (VSTinstrument) that can play any sound of those libraries. When you create a new project then Dorico will pick by default sounds from several of those sound libraries and load them into HSSE. Try it out, start from the Dorico Hub with a Romantic Orchestra template. 2 instances of HSSE will get loaded and if you open the GUI of it (click the e-icon) then you see that the 16 slots got assigned with various sounds, mostly from the HSO library, but also with GM sounds.

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Thank you!

I need to mess around with templates.

So my next question: let’s say I just open a blank project and then end up making a (dazzlingly brilliant, Pulitzer-worthy :wink:) 4 part, string quartet-y piece.

Now I want to try out lots of different sounds. Strings. Orchestra patches. Saxophone quartet. Just piano. Etc

As I search for sounds in the HALion pop-up, am I seeing sounds from all those libraries? If I add new libraries, are they automatically added to the HSSE big library?

Thanks for all this supererogatory help!


You don’t need to use templates, you can also set up your projects by yourself.

And yes, in the HSSE browser window you see sounds from all the sound libraries that you see in the Library Manager. They automatically appear.

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Thank you! I think I understand this now!

To me it’s like Dorico setup mode. I feel like it’s not the most user-friendly, intuitive-to-learn interface, but when you get it, you realize it’s the most powerful option.

As a non-tech musician, I always want things to have no learning curve to “not get in the way of the music” but then that starts to sound like “I want my double bass/piano/guitar/voice/etc to be more intuitive and user-friendly” :rofl::joy:. Powerful tools take time, care, effort and repetitions to learn.

In my case, lots of time.

Thanks @Ulf and everyone who contributes to this forum.