VST Instruments open on Multiple Monitors

I want to set up my Cubase 7 so that when I open a template that I have made different VST instruments appear in different Monitors . For example if I make a Custom Template and open it , can I have ToonTracks EZ Drummer open on Monitor # 1 , Guitar Rig open on Monitor # 2 , Native Instuments Kontakt open on Monitor # 3 and finally something on Monitor 4 . DOES Cubase 7 Allow me to do this :smiley:


Great Thanks !! , One more question , Is there a setting in the Device Manger for VST’s that I can set a VST to open where I want it to ,… for example I am working on a song ( already open ) and I go to open EZDrummer , when I launch it , can I tell it what screen to be seen On ??

No , it will only open where you have saved it open in your template , everything else has to be done manually