VST Instruments panel 7.5

In Cubase 7.5 the new look VST Instrument panel is a great way to load & control my VST instruments.
But i cannot find any way of deleting one if i choose not to use it. I have tried every button i can see & right clicking etc. Please help me someone

click on the name

This is something that relates to Cubase 7.5 & the new VST Instrument panel. I know how to do it in version 7.
Just clicking on the name does nothing other than asking you to rename the Instrument in the slot :unamused:
Right click brings up A+B comparison & save etc

I know - I read the thread title

Yes it does - I said click, not double click…

Thank you that was it, i must of been double clicking :blush:
For those of you like me who missed this simple action just click where the name appears & select Nio VST Instrument - Simples :laughing: