VST Instruments panel

Hello wise people.

I’m new to Cubase 8LE, I’ve previously used Cubase LE, then 5LE. I love it, but… I’m trying to locate VST Instruments panel. What I need is to use my Superior Drummer in multitrack, and the only way I found guys doing it on youtube is by clicking “use all tracks (or something like that)” in the VST Instrumetns panel. I cannot locate that thing anywhere… In Cubase LE it was easy, you go to devices/vst instruments. In here, there’s everything but VST Instruments.

Hi and welcome,

I’m not sure if Cubase Ale Supports multi-timbral.

Add a MIDI Track and route its output to the Instrument Track. This is how to Setup multi-timbral. Or do you mean multi-outs?

I mean multi-outs, sorry. I want to send each instrument to separate track in Cubase, or pre-group them in Superiour and send groups out to Cubase. It was possible in the very old Cubase LE. I saw guys doing it in Cubase 7 on youtube through the VST Instrument panel which I can not find :confused:


If Cubase LE can do this, you can do it even in the Project window or the plug-in window.

In the project window, open the track name tab in the Inspector. Close to the Instrument name, find this button [->. Click on it and select multiple outputs.

In the plug-in window, there is an arrow open the right-top corner. Click on it and enable multiple outs.

That’s the one!
Thank you Martin :slight_smile:
Love it even more now!