VST instruments presets and Media bay

I’m having such a hard time learning media bay. I’m trying to load in a Miroslav preset I made only when I click the preset loader field, I get the media bay. I cannot seem to get the media bay to find anything except VST sounds.

I’m guessing I need to set something up in the media bay so that when the media browser opens up, I can locate the misroslav preset file.

Any advice?


Thanks N8. I don’t think it’s me per-se, because I found a good number of forums of others who have a hard time figuring it out. But it does seem that once people do, they love it.

I was able to save a preset and now media bay finds it.

I really want to be able to understand Mediabay so I’ll go through the manual AGAIN for the 3rd time, slowly.

Did you save the preset using the plugin preset system (usually a button or tab on the plugin GUI) or the built-in VST preset system (just under titlebar of plugin)?