VST Instruments Rack EMPTY in session!


(C7.07) i have several sessions that open up with the VST Instruments EMPTY of all my synth plugins. i only saved the sessions recently during various studio sessions so i know they were not saved empty. They are important sessions for a label! and i get these popup boxes of “the mixer configuration expected…to have Output 1: Stereo” etc and then i click ok and it lists all these “missing ports” …cick ok and then another popup with “REmove tracks that could not be connected?” … grrr and then click Cancel and the session tracks are there but all my vst instruments have not loaded and i am basically screwed.

so cubase seems to have a problem with a mixer configuration, so it just gives up loading ANY of the vst instruments? is that the problem? what the hell…is there a workaround to fix this “mixer configuration expected” problem?

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has anyone else experienced this ? has this been fixed in V7.5? is it a bug?

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sounds more like a PINIC trouble rather than a bug in c707…never had that issue in 707 or 7520 tho there were several fixes to the mixer saving etc in 7.5.20 i’d advise updating

It sound to me like the dialog that pops up when Cubase can’t find the expected inputs/outputs. Are you using the same audio interface as when the files were saved? If you are, or use another interface with the same number of I/O’s, are the Inputs/Outputs named exactly the same? Maybe you are using the same interface, but has changed the names of the I/O’s since you saved the files.

This problem is quite common when arrangement-files are moved between studios.

The “Missing Ports” dialog should give you an option to reconnect the ports, according to the ports you’ve got set-up.

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same PC, same Steinberg UR824 interface, i literally went to bed and woke up and restarted my PC and last 2 versions of my session that i saved were like this. Ver 20 and 21 have no VST Instruments left in the rack…the missing ports are because the vst synths are missing but the tracks are still there in my session with nothing to point to anymore :frowning:

With the earlier Ver 19 of my session that does load, i find it was before i added my Moog Sub Phatty as an External Instrument. it seems once i did this, and Cubase panicked about this mono-stereo conflict thing, and i saved Ver 20 and Ver 21 to disk it has somehow corrupted my entire session from that point onwards. so the mixer is scrambled it seems and so Cubase just decides its “too hard” to try loading ?

Cubase saves the I/O’s in the session. i can remove the Sub Phatty “External Instrument” from the session but when i reload Ver 21 that is corrupt, it puts the Sub Phatty as an External Instrument (in Mono) back in there.

So theres no way to remove the problem before loading the session, and once i load the session to remove it, i have already lost my entire rack of VST Instruments because of the problem? i feel like ive fallen into a black hole followed by a TimeWarp and screaming to get out, ive lost 3 days now trying to load this damn thing.

Session V19 cubase file is 25, 971 k. Session V21 is 26, 971k. so this corrupt session V21 is slightly bigger, which is a positive sign. The song sure didnt get any longer. so im guessing my VST Instruments info is still in there. If it was all missing the file would be smaller. but i cant load it :frowning:

DLearyUS if i Dropbox you the session file V21 can you try loading it in 7.5 and see if the VST Instruments come up in the rack? even if they are missing, they may still show up listed there hopefully…maybe this problem has been fixed in 7.5?

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HI, I have exactly the same problem… But i hope i can help on one thing:
Recently I saved a project called (i.e.) Song-2 were i did (for the first time ever) changed my Battery3 outputs setings (i decided to have 8 Stereo + 16 mono outputs instead of traditional 16 stereo outputs) But jhere is the case. When I opened another Project (lets say Song-1) which i did bafore (but with 16 stereo outputs in the Battery3) Cubase launched an error were it says something like it “expected” to have different outputs configuration, so I must change Battery3 outputs configuration back to the original state of 16 St outs, close without saving (for not modifyng the project) and then re-open the song.
That way I recovered my project perfectly. What I mean with all this, is than maybe when having a session wich has been done in another DAW (with probably another configuration even with the same plugins) this may be a conflict reason… I think :frowning:

Well, that’s on the case you have the message “(…) this mixer confiiguration was expected to have Out1, Out2… etc…” To me this is anoying… it’s Native Instruments! and by the way Kontakt5 lets you have diferent configurations that gets “saved with the project”…as it shold be normal with every pluging (since we are not in the 90’s…)

But, by the way, I’m trying to find how to avoid the error you have mentioned in this post. I do have too a “version_21” of a project with the same size that “version_20” that opens with the VSTinstruments rack empty…

Well, I hope we can find soon a solution… Hi to everyone there (and my apologyes for my English)

hi Luis, are the sessions that you have the same problem with actually labelled as 20 and 21? or are you just using this as an example…could it be something so simple as a problem that Cubase has with a session name of 20 or 21 i wonder…