VST Instruments rack not available in Cubase Le7

I’ve got this problem about using cubase le7: Following tutorials about setting up a VST to Cubase such as East West Quantum Leap Hollywood Strings, instructions about opening “Devices” tab in order to find the “VST Instruments/F11” are given.
That would be awsome if there actually was that option to define instruments in order to create midi outputs in those VST’s.
The situation obligates me to create a VST instrument for each instrument i want. Want to know why that happens with le versions and if there is a way to defines to midi tracks an output path to the VST’s.
I’m desesperate and 've researched all over the internet throug youtube tutorials, steinberg forums…
*And no, its not a problem about providing de VST .dll archive to the VST’s Plugin folder of Cubase. Please, help. :cry: