VST Instruments, Samples, Etc.: On OS Drive or Project Drive (i.e. D:\)?

Cubase 11 and 12
Windows 10 Home
OS Drive SSD Samsung NVME 980 1 Tb
Project Drive (D:) SSD SATA 6 Samsung Evo 830 1 Tb
CPU Ryzen 9 5950X 16 Cores
Audio I/O Behringer UMC204HD (USB Audio + MIDI)
GPU Nvidia RTX 3030

I just built my new system so in process of correcting some access problems in Cubase for some 3rd party VST* due to re-organizing folders and directories.

(Standard VST2/3 are in their respective locations on the C:\ drive.)

My main 3rd party VST/sounds, etc. are NI Komplete 13 with a couple of non-NI Komplete 13 instruments, and the free Spitfire LABS, BBC Orchestra and for now, one paid strings bank.

My guess is that the difference in read/write of having these on the OS or the D:\ project’s drive (where all my .cpr, etc. are located) for my system would be minimal, but figured I’d ask.


The ‘classic’ configuration is to use 3 disks - one for the system, one for Projects & the third for sample libraries. But that did originate in HDD times.

I’d be more inclined to put them on your Project disk. The libraries are going to access the disk when a Project is opening or a new VSTi is added to a Project. But the Project itself will mostly access the disk when recording or during playback. So the 2 uses will mostly occur at different times.

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@raino - Thanks. That’s what I have set up (on my D:), I just have to re-connect Spitfire which can be a pain. Waiting on support reply.