VST instruments sound one tone higher

Hi, I’ve used Cubase 4 for many years but I recently switched to Cubase 8 pro,

I created a small project for getting started, and I included a couple of VST’s (piano and bass)

My problem is that both of them sound one tone higher. When I tell them to play a C note, a D note is played, and so on. Of course I can also transpose the entire notes one tone below, in order to hear the correct notes, however, this is not desirable by any means, for so many reasons I don’t think they need to be explained :wink:

I tried to look for any settings to correct this, but I couldn’t find anything.

I took the VST’s from some libraries I found on Cubase, which I believe are included with Cubase 8 pro.

Any help will be really appreciated!!

I had that also a few times
my son too but he had it in FL Studio, restarting helps, like a memory issue.

but there is a transpose function, maybe U used that?

regards Luc

Are you playing a 44.1 khz project at 48khz? That might be your problem.

It will be difficult to help you if you don’t post your setup specifications.

Thanks for your reply.

The project seems to be configured at 44.1 khz, I didn’t change any settings, so I guess I’m using the default settings.

How could I be playing it at 48khz?? where can I search for that play-back configuration??

If I open the project settings it says 44.1khz, and in the VST settings is the same.

What other settings should I post here??

I’m using Cubase 8pro, on a Windows 8 computer, using a Echo AudioFire8 sound card.

Load up the problem project, then open your audiofire console software. What sample rate does the console show?