VST Instruments Window - confusion when having multiple same VSTis

Hello there,
when using multiple same VST instruments, it can get confusing quickly in the “VST instruments window”. There is no individual name for each instrument, no number, nothing. So when setting the I/O or other things, you don’t really know, which one you are modifying.

It would be much easier it the dispayed name would be the name of the track the instrumenti is loaded on.

This exists.

You can name them by editing the track name and ctrl-clicking.

If the VST’s name is in the text string, it will populate the Title field.

Is pressing Ctrl really needed ? I just change the name of my track and it also adds it to the instrument, no need to press Ctrl.

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Well, there you go!

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Thanks for the hints guys! Much appreciated.

Okay, I think I found the issue here:
When you have your instrument tracks already set up and named correctly, and then load a VSTi on that track, the name in the VST instruments Window will be the plugin name, until you rename it. an anyone confirm? Same thing happens, when you reload your instrument on that instrument track.

When you load or replace an instrument it is normal that its name gets refreshed. You’re going too far with that one :sweat_smile:

If I have i.e. 5 instrument tracks already named correctly and then load the same string VSTi on each track, they will show up all with the same name in the VST Instruments Window. I then would have to rename each instrument track, to have unique names (imho the “correct names”) in the instruments window.
Isn’t that unnecessary? Wouldn’t it be more intuitive to already have the name like it is on the instrument track? I mean its additional work, just to see which is which.

Then just name them once they have been loaded and not before…
Yeah just add one option in Preferences to link Tracks names with the Instrument Rack.