VST Instruments

Very unfortunate, that I don’t have time to use Cubase on daily bases, but I’m still trying to be up to date.
Currently I have Cubase Pro 9. My problem is the following:
have some music track recorder long time ago, using Hypersonic 2, HalionOne, Halion Symphonic Orchestra, Halion Sonic 2, but after each update of Cubase I just discovered that all those VST instruments disappeared. I’m not able to open any old music track, which I created with mentioned VST instruments. Yesterday I purchase an update Halion Sonic 3 and now, all music tracks, where I used Halion Sonic 2 have no sound at all and I get an error message, that Plugin is missing.
Opening new Halion Sonic 3 and selecting some sounds from the bank, it says “Some audio files are missing. Please check installation”.
BTW, the sound bank in the new Halion 3 is empty, if you compare with previous version.
Am I doing something wrong, or maybe I don’t have enough experience?
Please let me know what is going on. It is really frustrating. :unamused:


Installed Halion Sonic 3 yesterday, today start to test it. A lot of sounds are missing? Where are they?

In my opinion update means having all existing sounds + plus new.
In Halion Sonic 2 I had “Tremolo Mark II” sound, after an update to version 3 this sound disappeared.
How can I get it back?

Hi Fuda61,

Please repeat the installation and make sure to install everything “for all users”. To do so, you need to mark on a little chekcbox in the intallation dialog.

Many thanks,


I have the same situation here - instruments that I used for years such as “Dark Precision Bass” and “Modern Jazz Upright” are gone. I am not happy about this at all. :frowning:

Tried to re-install the previous software - that didn’t work. The last thing I need to do is to waste time trying to find “alternate” instruments in a library that goes back as far as 2007.

If only it were so easy. Since Halion 6, I have no idea where to find the instruments that were kidnapped.

The main thing is that the Project Directory your are working on, does not contain all sounds just as is, working only with cubase and saving in cubase.

So i have made it a ‘hobby’ to get all sounds and samples inside this directory, even if this means having a backup.
This is quite a hassle. This means saving presets from used instruments and samples.
It is very hard but i had Cubase Sx, Cubase 5 and 6. Now i am at Cubase 9.5.
Make it a hobby to find out where you patches, presets come from, what directory the samples or presets are saved.
And copy them into the Project directory…

Basically even doing this. When a project comes from Cubase 5 and i want it to open to Cubase 9.5, it will fail to load.
So i have made it an hobby to mainly use Battery (Native Instruments) and Halion 6 (before Halion3).
This mean i SAMPLE everything (every VSTI) and use a sampler like above (groove agent 4, Halion are now my main runners).
The samples and presets can be saved and found, i copy them to backup directories inside my project.

I started to use Renoise again, what is a tracker and saves all in one single file (mod,xm,etc).
Even here i dont even use external plugins or VSTi, because that would hurt it.

The main thing is… When you have Cubase… you can expect overtime big problems with older projects.
When you have a DAW better know that the DAW does not save all in the project dir.
And you have to be a tracking presets and samples wizzard…

And not to forget Steinberg dropped all 32 bit plugins.
So i had to start Cubase 5 and use Jbridge for C9.5, to get at least the project running again.


I had the same problem. Eventually I stumbled onto the fix: I’ve had every version of Cubase from 6 to 9.5 Pro, and just on a whim, I loaded up the 32-bit version of Cubase 7, along with the Sonic SE Content. Not only did I get my Dark Precision Bass and Modern Jazz Upright bass on C7, but they also loaded on my versions 7.5, 8.5, 9 and 9.5. Yay!
Hope you have the same experience!