VST Instruments

Hey everybody,

sorry this might be a stupid question but I´m about to surrender.
I create a new Intrument track (like Native Instrument). Then I want to record this instrument…
Do I need to have a MIDI keyboard to get it recorded??? When I use the vst internal keyboard it doesn´t write any midi information into the vst track while recording…

No, you draw the notes manually in the midi editor.

if you use the “virtual key” it should register.

I’m pretty sure the OP is referring the keyboard in the NI GUI which can “play” the Instrument but does not generate MIDI data external to the VSTi (or save the data).

Like mitchiemasha said you can use one of the MIDI editors Key, Score, Drum or List.

I don’t use it (and hence don’t know where it can be found) Cubase will map your computer’s ASCII keyboard to a piano layout. So you can physically play notes that way.

That said small basic used MIDI Keyboards can be had for dirt cheap.