VST Issue

Hello guys! What’s up?
So I am having a problem.
I am using Cubase 6 64-Bits on Windows 7 Professional 64-Bits (of course), and I don’t know why when I will open my project the Cubase 6 freezes while loading the “Mixer” elements. So I did a research on Google and I saw that I could do some things to try to solve the problem that doesn’t allow me to load my project (that was working perfectly few days ago). One of the things that I tried, is to change the “VstPlugins” folder name to another one purposely, to force Cubase 6 to don’t find any of my third party VST’s. Well, it worked. When I do that I can open my project, but all the VST’s aren’t loaded (what is normal coz’I did that), and when I see the VST Plugins (button F11), Cubase shows me the VST’s name inside the signal “!!”.

My question is, can I load the VST’s manually, with the project opened, without needing to change the “VstPlugins” Folder name (or go inside the “Plug-in Information” inserting the path for the new folder name), closing Cubase and reopening again?

I’ve created a new project, and tested my VST’s and they are working perfectly, but in this Project particulary, I don’t know why, I am getting this issue.

I can make Cubase lose the VST Path (changing the “VstFolder” name), opening the project, removing the VST’s Instances (button F11), saving the Project and reloading them again, but I will lose my patch configurations and automations, and I will be very sad and mad coz’I need to finish a work as soon as I can.

Please! Someone give me a LIGHT!

Thank you very much for the attention!

And remember: “CHEERS AND BEERS!!!”

It sounds like something happened to the project file that makes it unable to load those VSTs in that project file only. Have you tried opening one of the .BAK files? Maybe the autosave feature saved you here by saving a copy of the project just before something happened to the project.

Thanks for the reply.

I did it already (using one of the .BAK files), and Cubase 6 stills freezing during the “Mixer” elements loading.

Something happened with the VST mapping, I dunno, because If I make Cubase 6 lose the third party VST Plugins, it loads the project normally, but you know, I lose all of my patch configurations, having only the notes.

That’s why I asked to try to load manually…opening my project and manually showing to Cubase 6 where each of the VST’s are.

You can move in the VST instruments one by one and see which one crashes your project. Once you found it I guess you could unload that one from the project and redo it, which saves all your other instruments.

What do you mean with: “You can move in the VST instruments one by one”?

He means that after you have moved all the .dll files for the VSTs out of the folder (to stop Cubase from loading them) you can move them back into the folder (to allow Cubase to load them) one at a time so that you can identify which VST is causing the project to crash. Then you only need to recreate the setting for that VST to cure your project.

I already did that too. I couldn’t find it.

The loading process freezes in a Midi Channel that are linked with a specific VST. I did that with this VST and didn’t solved, I tried with other VST’s too and nothing, but when I move ALL of my VSTs out of the folder, so it load normally…

What are freaking me out, is that If I create a project from 0, all the VSTs works ok.

Grrrrrrrrrr :angry:

One other thing you could try is to move your preferences folder to the desktop and see what happens.


Well, I’ve solved the issue a bit (because part of the vst’s had their configurations lost).

Wha I did?

I can’t explain precisely, because I did tons of stuff like:

  • Reinstalled Cubase and reupdated it;
  • Installed jBridge;
  • Reinstalled VST’s;
  • Ended the VstBridge Instance during the project loading;
  • Changed the VstPlugins folder thousands of times;
  • Cried;
  • Swored the entire planet;

And XAZAM!!! Opened the project.

Well…thank you very much for everybody that helped me in tuia issue.

And remember: The beer is the best world drink ever!

Cheers and Beers!!!