VST Issues in Cubase 10.5

I am running Cubase 10.5 on 2013 MacBook Pro with 2.3Ghz and 16gb RAM. For audio I use a Saffire Pro 40 and a Mackie Big Knob to monitor sound. My gear consists of Elektron Digitakt (center piece) which is then midi out to a emagic 2x4 midi box with TR8S, SE02,Crave and Neutron all receiving midi CC from the Digitakt.

My VST’s when in recording or playback mode will start to play random keys making it almost impossible to utilize them. When Cubase is not in play or record mode, the VST’s work. I realize it’s some kind of midi issue. When I delselect midi clock destination, the VST’s work. Any help would greatly be appreciated.


What Remote Devices do you have in use in Cubase?

Make sure, all Remote Device’s Inputs are set to Not Connected, please. Is it still the case? Do you send MIDI Clock from any of your MIDI device by any chance?