VST issues with cubase10.5

Have just installed cubase 10.5 and there are 2 VST issues:

  1. My Toontrack EZ Keys is not seen by 10.5 but still works in 9.5. I have the latest version V1.2.5. 64 bit. The DLL is in the same folder as Superior Drummer 3 which works. I have done a VST re-scan a few times. Ideas?

  2. I had a trial version of Oxford R3 WQ Two years ago which required ILOK to work. I did not buy it and it expired. Now whenever I open Cubase 10.5 it says Oxfofd EQ needs activation. I have removed every instance of the DLL and the VST and disabled it in ILOK but it still persists, but only in Cubase 10.5, not in 9.5. There doesn’t seem to be a way of removing it entirely from ILOK.